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Tailflashes.com originally opened in 1998 as a sign business in Okinawa, Japan. Upon returning stateside in 2001, we were asked to make a few tailflashes, as the individual who was making them locally was retiring. When those first few tailflashes were done and delivered, the response was overwhelming. The quality was much better than what they had been getting, and we were able to sell our product as a one-stop shop. No need to buy a tailflash and then have to get an expensive engraved plate elsewhere. From that, the tailflash and military awards and gifts business was born. Some 2500 – 3000 tailflashes later, we have made many different aircraft and hope to keep adding to the list. We have delivered them from Iraq to California and many places in between. Each tailflash is custom-made, to your specifications, by a retired US Air Force veteran, not in some foreign country. We hope you’ll give us a try.
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